Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident then you are entitled to make a claim for personal injury if someone else can be proven to be held responsible.

Motor vehicle accidents account for the majority of all personal injury compensation claims. They are the most common type of accident claim and have a high success rate, as liability is easily determined.

Claims National can help you with your motor accident claim. We have an expert team of solicitors and advisors waiting to take your call. After logging the details of your car accident, our legal team will be able to tell you if you are eligible to make a ‘No Win, No Fee’ claim for compensation.

We will ensure that you receive 100% of your compensation. Win or lose, you won’t pay a single penny in solicitor’s fees.

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We can help you if:
  • You have been injured as a driver or a passenger in a car accident
  • You have been injured as a passenger on public transport
  • You have been injured in a non-fault motorbike accident
  • You have been involved in a cycling accident on the road
  • You were a pedestrian injured on the road
  • You were in an accident which occurred due to poor road surfaces and maintenance
  • The person at fault was not insured or cannot be traced
Compensation guide

Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

The figures displayed are for guidance, for more assistance please call on: 0808 168 5385

24 hr Claims Helpline 0808 168 5385

If you are involved In a motor vehicle accident, you should always stop at the scene of the accident to ensure that there are no injuries, no damage to somebody else’s vehicle and/or property, no animals have been injured or killed, no fixed objects – such as lamp posts – have been damaged.

If another driver has been involved, you should exchange details with them. These details include name, address, telephone number, vehicle registration number, and insurance details.

Once these are complete, you must inform the police, especially if someone has been injured. The police will ask for details of the motor vehicle accident, which will include the car make, the model, the registration number, the time and date of the accident, the weather conditions, estimated speeds, the number of passengers in the vehicles involved, any witnesses, and details of the damage done to the vehicles and people involved.

When can I pursue my motor vehicle accident claim?

If you are under 18 years of age, you have until your 21st birthday to start your claim.

If you have any kind of psychiatric illness, the time that you have to pursue your claim will depend on the time it takes for you to recover from your illness.

If you can prove that the date you realised an injury had occurred was later than the date of the accident, your time to pursue a claim may be extended. You have three years to start a claim, from the day in which you noticed your injuries.

If you are claiming compensation for an accident involving a death, you will have three years from the date of the victim’s death to start your claim for compensation.

However, your solicitor can make an application to the court to extend your three-year period. If the application is accepted, the court can increase the period of time you have to pursue a claim for compensation. Please note that it is rare that the court will permit this.