Head-On Car Accident Claims

Head-On Car Accident Claims

Head-on collisions are one of the most severe types of road accidents because they have one of the highest rates of serious injury and fatalities for those involved.

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More people are killed or seriously injured in a head-on collision than in any other type of road accident, even though head-on collisions are uncommon.

Generally, head-on collisions are caused when one vehicle moves into the path of oncoming traffic and most often occurs on roads with no central reservation that separates the flow of traffic.

For this reason, it is rare to have a head-on collision on a motorway or dual carriageway due to the crash barriers in the central reservation. Head-on collisions can also occur when a motorist drives the wrong way down a stretch of road (sometimes unintentionally) down a one-way system or a road the driver is unfamiliar with.

In most cases though, a head-on collision is caused by a car momentarily drifting into the wrong lane into oncoming traffic.

The forces involved in these accidents will be much greater than in one where the car is stationary. When two cars approaching each other at similar speeds collide, they hit at twice the speed at which they are travelling – so for two cars travelling at 50 mph, the closing speed before the accident is actually closer to 100 mph.

In a low-velocity head-on collision, these types of injuries may include soft tissue damage and injuries to the neck, back and shoulders such as whiplash, while in a head-on collisions at a much higher speed, injuries are likely to be caused to the internal organs and there is a greater chance of other injuries such as broken bones.

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