Hand Injury Claims

Hand Injury Claims

Suffering a hand injury can severely limit you in your day-to-day life so claiming the compensation you require is vital.

Hand injuries make up almost 10% of all visits to accident and emergency departments in England  and Wales. The hand is one of the most complex parts of the body and one of the most likely to be injured.

A network of muscles, nerves, ligaments and bones are responsible for the movement and sensitivity of the hands. A serious hand injury can often effect movement and sensation, and because we rely so heavily on them, a serious injury can severely limit our ability to do even the simplest of manual tasks.

Common causes of hand injuries include Slips and Trips often because we use our hands to protect the rest of the body or to break the fall. Other hand injuries include Vibration White Finger or Repetitive Strain Injury which are common in the workplace and accumulate over longer periods of time.

We specialise in Hand Injury Claims, providing legal help and support for people who have suffered hand injuries and will strive to deliver the compensation package you want.

Each case is dealt with in a strictly professional and confidential manor and you can rest assured that whatever the outcome, you won’t pay a penny for our legal fees. We will take your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and you will receive 100% of the compensation.

Compensation guide

Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

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Hand injuries are considered as a serious injury, as severe injury to your hand can prevent you completing your day to day activities and can massively affect your daily life.

If you have injured your hand whilst at work, you may be able to make a claim for compensation against your employer. Although it may be hard to pinpoint who is to blame for your hand injuries, if you have injured your hand on any machinery or equipment in the workplace, it is quite often because of the lack of training provided, the faultiness of the equipment/machinery, or the lack of health and safety regulations in the workplace. Any of the reasons mentioned can enable you to make a claim for compensation against your employer to help cover for any effects your hand injury has had on your life. This may include loss of earnings, medical help etc.

However, employers are not the only source of which you can claim for compensation against. Slips, trips and falls are another common cause of hand injuries. Slipping or tripping in public places due to things like spillages, faulty pavements etc. are at the fault of somebody else. This enables you to make a claim for compensation due to public liability.