Back Injury Compensation Claim

Back Injury Compensation Claim

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The muscles and bones in the back can be easily damaged in an accident which has involved a fall or sudden violent movement. A back injury can be extremely debilitating, often limiting movement and affecting the victim’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Some injuries can result in loss of movement and even permanent disability.

The back, especially the spinal column, contains nerves which send signals to the brain and rest of the body about sensation and controlling movement. If these nerves are damaged, even a partial recovery may take many years.

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Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

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Back injuries are serious injuries and the effects can vary from short term – long term pain, to permanent disability. There are many different circumstances in which you can develop a back injury. Road accidents, lifting or carrying heavy objects, falling from a height, faulty products, slips, trips, and falls, are just some of the ways in which your back can become damaged or injured.

Road accidents are a frequent cause of back injury, most of which consist of a scenario where the sufferer’s car has been hit at the rear. Whiplash from road accidents can also lead to back pain, which can progress into your neck and in some cases, even as far as your head.

A common cause of back injuries is lifting and/or carrying heavy weights – usually in the workplace. Lifting and carrying heavy weights adds a massive strain on your back which is built up each time a heavy object is lifted. Lifting heavy objects by hand should be minimized in the workplace, and machinery and equipment should be provided to handle the heavier objects. However, not all workplaces provide this equipment, and therefore employees are at risk of back strain and back injury.

Falling from heights can result in back injury, particularly if the sufferer lands on their back or feet. An example of this cause of back injury is falling from a horse whilst horse-riding.

Back injuries can be caused from faulty products such as chairs, ladders or stools. If a chair, for example, collapses under the weight of a person, you may be able to claim for compensation as your injuries are in the fault of somebody else’s inaccuracy during the manufacture of the product.

Spillages, debris lying around, and freshly mopped floors with no warning sign can foment slips trips and falls, leading to back injury, which you may be able to claim compensation for.