Arm Injury Compensation Claim

Arm Injury Compensation Claim


Suffered an injury to your arm?

Claims National is here to help you attain the Arm Injury Compensation you deserve.

Arm injuries can be very diverse and will range from mild soft tissue injuries such as bruises or sprains to much more serious injuries involving multiple fractures. Arm injuries can also sustain “crush” injuries caused by objects falling onto an arm, or an arm becoming trapped in machinery.

These injuries are unpleasant and cause a great deal of inconvenience, especially if your work involves using your hands. Victims of hand injuries often find they have to take a significant amount of time off work, or have to give up any manual work altogether and take a less physically demanding job – meaning that remuneration is the least we can do.

In some cases, nerve damage in the arm can still cause a chronic level of pain which can persist even after the arm may appear to have fully recovered.

At Claims National, we specialize in providing the right legal help and support for victims of arm injuries – delivering the right solution for you.

Each individual is treated in a strictly professional and confidential manor. Once we have accepted your claim, you can rest assured that, in any circumstance, you will not pay a penny for our legal fees. Your case will run on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and you will receive 100% of the compensation.

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    One Foot
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  • £42,000

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Arm injury claims are rather common, but in fact, have a high success rate, as your arm is an important part of your body and inevitably, is essential for basic activity. An injured arm is considered a serious injury, as it can disallow you to participate in day to day tasks -even the simplest of things, such as pouring a glass of water. This lack of capability could potentially lead to the victim feeling weak, powerless and dependent, adding to the initial pain of their injuries.  Furthermore, the victims of arm injuries quite commonly lose the ability to go to work for a while, which can create financial stress in addition to the standard consequences of an arm injury. For the reason that is; these cases are increasing, the UK law is designed so that the victims of other people’s negligence are entitled to claim for compensation to help ease the effects of their injuries. At Claims National, we can help you claim for compensation to contribute to you and your family’s recovery; whether it’s covering lost earnings, or paying for treatment for your injuries.

Some of the most common arm injuries that you can claim compensation for include:

  • Broken arms- Although broken arms are extremely common and can heal by themselves, they are labelled as a serious injury due to the recovery time, the pain, and the lack of use of a broken arm.
  • Dislocation- Elbow dislocation is the most common type of arm dislocation, and consists of the bones of the elbow disorientating, which can undoubtedly lead to more severe injuries such as a broken bone. The bones can be repositioned but the pain is immense nonetheless, and you may require operations or procedures.
  • Fractures- Fractures are rather painful however, not a severe injury. Nevertheless, fractures can develop into further injuries such as broken bones, if not treated sufficiently.
  • Amputation- Amputations are very severe injuries and have extreme impacts on your life. Although amputations are usually a last resort, they are not rare and could be the result of many different primary injuries.
  • Trauma causing disablement- The severity of a trauma varies however, there may be damage to the surrounding tissue potentially generating a loss of movement.