Shoulder Injury Claims

Shoulder Injury Claim

 Have you suffered a shoulder injury as a result of someone else’s negligence?

Claims National can help you with your Shoulder Injury Claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Shoulder Injuries are common in Road Traffic and Slip and Trip Accidents. The shoulder is a large ball and socket joint with heavy musculature and as such injuries can be severe and painful with debilitating long term effects.

The most common injuries include;

  • Sprains & Strains – these occur when the muscles, tendons or ligaments are stretched or torn and usually results after several weeks or months of discomfort.
  • Dislocation – this can involve nerve damage when the ball and socket joint separates, and is sometimes necessary to physically manipulate the joint back together.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury – this damage to the group of muscles that hold the large joint together is extremely painful and can have long term disability problems.
  • Broken Collar Bone – this injury usually heals uneventfully over a period of weeks following immobilisation.

Claims National will deal with your case in strictly professional and confidential manor while providing you with the support you require. Once we have accepted your claim, you can rest assured that win, lose or draw you will not pay a penny for our legal fees. We will take your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and you will receive 100% compensation.




Compensation guide

Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

The figures displayed are for guidance, for more assistance please call on: 0808 168 5385

24 hr Claims Helpline 0808 168 5385

How much compensation can I receive?
  • Severe shoulder injuries: £15,000 – £40,000
  • Serious shoulder injuries: £10,000 – £16,000
  • Moderate shoulder injuries: £6,000 – £10,000
  • Minor shoulder injuries: £3,000 – £6,000
  • Fractured clavicle: £4,000 – £10,000

Shoulder injuries are common in accidents such as slips, trips and falls and accidents at work. Slipping or tripping due to a faulty pavement or wet surface, may cause you to automatically put your arm out as a defense mechanism to protect your body. Straining, or landing on your shoulder in a particular way can generate a minor – severe shoulder injury, of which you may be entitled to claim compensation for.

As an employer, it is your duty to confirm the safety of your employees. Therefore, gaining a shoulder injury that is not of your fault at work, can entitle you to claim compensation. There are many ways of injuring your shoulder at work; it could be anything from a fall, to lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Shoulder injuries cam be extremely painful, disenabling you to complete day to day tasks, and participating in some of your hobbies. You may also find that you have been advised to take time off work in order to speed up the healing process of your injuries, which will result in loss of earnings. Physiotherapy may also be recommended by your GP, which can be costly. Claiming for compensation will help cover all of your medical costs, loss of earnings and physiotherapy treatments/rehabilitation.



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