Hand Arm Vibration Compensation Claims

Hand Arm Vibration Compensation Claims

Have you been diagnosed with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome – or HAVS? Claims National is an industrial disease specialist who can provide you with free help and advice in relation to making a compensation claim for industrial hand arm vibration syndrome.

Hand arm vibration syndrome is the term for secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon. This is a condition that affects the fingers, causing them to go white and numb.

What causes hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is caused by over-exposure to vibration, and is almost always an industrial disease, as this amount of vibration is rarely found elsewhere. It is not clear exactly how the vibrations cause HAVS but it is thought that the continuous and slight damage to the nerves with prolonged periods of vibration damage the blood vessels causing fingers and hands to lose their functionality and sensitivity.

What sort of tools cause hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)?

Any vibrating tool can contribute to hand arm vibration syndrome, however the most common are;

  • Concrete breakers
  • Pokers and compactors
  • Sanders
  • Grinders and disc cutters
  • Hammer drills
  • Chipping hammers
  • Chainsaws
  • Scabblers and needle guns


Compensation guide

Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

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Powerful vibrating tools such as chainsaws, concrete breakers, grinders, hammer drills, hedge trimmers, mowers, pneumatic drills etc are used on a large scale in various different professions. Repetitive use of these machines can cause hand arm vibration syndrome, which can be a result of your employer not providing you with the sufficient personal protective equipment.

Hand arm vibration syndrome symptoms include:
  • Cold sensations in the fingers
  • Numbness in the fingertips
  • Tingling sensation in the fingers
  • Whitening of the skin of the fingers

This condition affects the blood vessels, nerves, joints and muscles in the hands, arms and wrists of the affected person. If the symptoms of this condition are ignored, large scale disability can be caused, limiting your use of your hands and potentially even forcing you to an early retirement. Hand arm vibration syndrome is also known to affect your sleep, and create numbness in your hands and fingers. These symptoms can range from minor to severe, and tend to be particularly severe in cold weather. The symptoms will also increase if you continue to work with vibrating machinery after your diagnosis.

It is your employer’s duty to ensure that conditions such as hand arm vibration syndrome are not obtained as a result of work, and therefore your employer could be liable for your injuries, allowing you to make a claim for compensation.