If you’ve suffered personal injury or side effects due to a negligent manicure procedure then Claims National can provide you with free help and advice in relation to making a claim for compensation.

Whilst generally considered safe, manicures can have some serious side effects. Instruments such as emery boards and clippers can cause infections if they are not properly disinfected, sanitised or replaced.There is also the chance of developing a fungal infection on your feet, nails or nail bed. This can result in having to remove your nails.

If you have been a victim of someone else’s professional negligence then we may be able to help you with a claim for compensation.

Manicures are generally a leisurely and enjoyable treatment, of which women undergo in order to make them feel better about their appearance. Manicures are considered as one of the minor beauty treatments to choose from, and are relatively inexpensive. Manicures are the most popular form of beauty treatment, which is understandable, as your hands are one of the most exposed parts of your body. A large number of women take a lot of pride in their appearance, which is supported by the fact that hundreds of manicures are performed daily. Therefore, a negligent manicure resulting in an injury or infection can have traumatic emotional and physical effects on the victims.

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An exposed wound on your hand could become infected during a manicure, which can result in many traumatic problems, leading to severe pain. Your beautician should check for open wounds and any hazards that may cause injuries such as infections, and failure to do so could result in an injury, which may be classified as cosmetic and beauty negligence, which may entitle you to make a claim for compensation.

Common signs and symptoms of a negligent manicure include:
  • Redness of the skin
  • Irritation of the skin around the nail area
  • Development of a rash or fungal infection around the nail
  • Bacterial infection
  • Missing parts of the nail/ too much nail taken off
Common reasons why negligent manicures are experienced include:
  • Your beautician fails to monitor the amount of nail removal
  • Improperly trained technicians
  • Your beautician fails to take into consideration your medical conditions, ailments and/or allergies
  • Un-hygienic technicians using used or un-sanitized utensils

As a beauty technician, it is amongst your duty of care to ensure that the treatment you are performing is practiced to the best of your ability, following all health and safety regulations, and following the correct method of treatment. It is significant that you take into consideration all medical conditions your client has, as to prevent any injuries and/or infections occurring as a result of your negligence.

As with all cosmetic and beauty compensation claims, you must be able to prove that your injuries/problems have occurred as a result of your beautician’s negligence and there must be sufficient evidence of this. If you have obtained some form of injury, it is significant that you seek medical attention straight away, not just for the benefit of your health, but for the benefit of your case, too. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your case, and all factors, such as; extent of your injuries, pain and suffering, time off work, loss of earnings, further treatment, and medical attention, will all be taken into consideration when deciding upon the compensation sum you receive.