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Facelifts often have desirable results, however, in some cases, an inexperienced surgeon or poor aftercare can cause you many issues with your procedure. You may find that you suffer from scarring, asymmetrical shape, positioning or slippage.

Facelifts are commonly carried out in order to boost the patient’s self esteem in both men and women, and therefore cosmetic surgeons are expected to perform these procedures with extra care, following the highest standards to ensure that the patient receives the best benefits. A facelift is a complex procedure that includes separating facial skin from the tissues, removing excess fat, and muscle tightening.

Facelifts are generally carried out under an anaesthetic with the operation usually leading to the patient staying in hospital overnight. Facelifts are quite often combined with additional procedures addressing the eyes, brows cheeks and forehead in order to achieve the best results. The most frequent reason for people undergoing a facelift procedure is to reach a smoother, younger appearance.

An incision is made in front of the ear, extending into the hairline, before stretching downwards in front and then under the ear.  The incision then reaches upwards behind the ear, ending in the hairline behind the ear. The excess skin is then removed, with the remaining skin being hitched and re-draped over the new face structure. Fat and tissue is redistributed, and sometimes added to the face where necessary, before the skin is sewn back into place.

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It is normal for patients to feel pain after their facelift surgery, which should only last for a short term, and they should be warned about this prior to undergoing their facelift procedure. However, if the pain and side effects continue or worsen, you could be a victim of medical negligence, of which you may be able to claim compensation for.

The most common signs of medical negligence in a facelift procedure include:

  • Consistent pain in the facial muscles with complete or partial paralysis due to nerve damage
  • Lopsidedness of the facial tissues
  • Deadened skin due to low blood supply to the tissues of the face
  • Changed pigmentation of the skin
  • Displaced earlobe
  • Severe reaction to the medication or anaesthetic
  • Hairline distortion
  • Hair loss
  • Asymmetrical ears
  • Inappropriate scarring
  • Over tightening of skin
  • Loss of skin

Making a claim for compensation will help to bring you justice for the pain and suffering you have experienced, deteriorated self esteem, the cost of the surgery and the remedial surgery you may take to fix the initial facelift’s errors.