Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Has your eyelash extension procedure been a disaster? Claims National is here to provide you with free help and advice in relation to making a compensation claim for your negligent eyelash extension procedure.

Sometimes these procedures don’t go as expected and, if not performed safely, the glue used in eyelash extensions can cause severe burns, allergic reactions, infection or even eye damage.

If you have been a victim of someone else’s professional negligence then we may be able to help you with a claim for compensation.

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with young females, (around the ages of 16-30).  The increased demand for eyelash extensions has stemmed from the desire to have longer, fuller, darker eyelashes in order to enhance their beauty. Receiving a treatment of semi permanent eyelash extensions also appeals to people, as it saves them the hassle of applying mascara daily, which is time consuming.

As a beauty therapist, it is your duty of care to ensure that the treatment you are providing is safe, and that you also offer advice before and after the treatment, which includes making your potential clients aware of the risks and side effects associated with the particular treatment.

Cosmetic and beauty negligence occurs when beauty therapists fail to carry out the treatment as their duty of care instructs them to. This could include being unhygienic, failing to test, failing to warn, and generally poor treatment. It is essential that the patient participates in a test prior to the initial treatment, in order to find out if the patient is allergic to any of the substances used in the treatment. Carrying out this test adequately will prevent any allergic reactions from occurring during the official procedure, and therefore it is vital that this test takes place at least 24 hours before the treatment is due.

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Common problems which can occur during the eyelash extension treatment include;
  • Allergic reactions to the glue used in the treatment. Formaldehyde and Latex are common substances in the glue used to extend your eyelashes. These substances can cause allergic reactions resulting in stinging, itching, soreness, blisters and general pain.
  • Beauty technicians trying to get quicker results may apply too much glue, which could cause traction alopecia, leading to your natural eyelashes falling out. This can cause permanent loss of eyelashes.
  • The eye can be damaged during this procedure if either the glue or application utensil makes contact with the eye. This can cause a scratch or cut in the eye, which can cause serious problems and/or become infected.
  • Infections may also occur due to unhygienic technicians, which can cause severe discomfort and a lot of pain.
  • Repeated or bad application is also a common cause of the natural eyelashes falling out, which is similar to traction alopecia.

Moreover, knowing about the risks and potential side effects of the eyelash extension treatment could change your mind about undergoing the treatment. Therefore, if you have not been informed about these risks and effects, you could be putting yourself in danger. If you experience any side effects that you have not previously been warned about, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

As with all cosmetic and beauty compensation claims, you must be able to provide adequate evidence that your injuries are at the fault of your beautician, during a negligent treatment. However, making a claim for compensation may cover any pain and suffering you have experienced regarding your negligent treatment, any additional treatment you require, and any medical attention you may need. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your effects and injuries, and the extent as to which you were neglected.