Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

 Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Have you been the victim of a negligent cosmetic ear surgery?

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Cosmetic ear surgeries are fairly common and are often performed either for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons after an injury. As with all surgeries there is a risk of adverse effects related to surgery. These can include:

  • Reactions to the anaesthetic, excessive bleeding or infection
  • Delayed wound healing
  • The need for further surgery due to incorrect positioning
  • Numbness and loss of sensitivity
  • Asymmetrical positioning
  • Changes to the pigmentation of the skin

If you have been a victim of someone else’s professional negligence then we may be able to help you with a claim for compensation.

Otoplasty is the process of reshaping the cartilage in your ears, in order to improve their appearance. Ears are in fact, one of the most complained about part of the body, with people constantly wishing they had ‘nicer’ ears.  Therefore, it is no wonder that Otoplasty has become more and more common, with hundreds of men and women undergoing the surgery each year.

The Otoplasty procedure is usually performed under a local anaesthetic, which adds to the risk of injury being caused. Therefore, it is especially important that your cosmetic surgeon follows their duty of care whilst performing an Otoplasty procedure.

Compensation guide

Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

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Although most Otoplasty surgeries are carried out effectively with the desired results, mistakes can happen and you may experience some of the following complications due to your cosmetic surgeon’s negligence:

  • An infection in the wound that may make the ear swollen and weepy. This can be treated with antibiotics and regular dressing changes however, in rare, severe cases; further surgery may be needed to drain the infected area.
  • A blood clot in the skin of the ear. This may dissolve naturally, or it may need t be drawn out with a needle.
  • Some loss of the skin, which may need a skin graft.
  • The development of unusually red or raised scars
  • Asymmetrical ear positioning, which may require further surgery to adjust the ears.

As a cosmetic surgeon, it is amongst your duty of care to ensure that the treatment you are performing is practiced to the best of your ability, following all health and safety regulations, and following the correct method of treatment. It is significant that you take into consideration all medical conditions your client has, as to prevent any injuries and/or infections occurring as a result of your negligence.

As with all cosmetic and beauty compensation claims, you must be able to prove that your injuries/problems have occurred as a result of your beautician’s negligence and there must be sufficient evidence of this. If you have obtained some form of injury, it is significant that you seek medical attention straight away, not just for the benefit of your health, but for the benefit of your case, too. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your case, and all factors, such as; extent of your injuries, pain and suffering, time off work, loss of earnings, further treatment, and medical attention, will all be taken into consideration when deciding upon the compensation sum you receive.