Have you ever suffered a personal injury or side effects due to a negligent botox procedure? Claims National can provide you with free help and advice in relation to making a claim for compensation for your negligent botox procedure.

Botox procedures are currently very popular. Over 4m procedures were performed in 2011 which is an 8% increase from 2010. On many occasions, the results are excellent, however, this is not always the case. If your procedure hasn’t had the desired effect or you have ever been the victim of someone else’s professional negligence then we may be able to help you with a claim for compensation.

If you have been a victim of someone else’s professional negligence then we may be able to help you with a claim for compensation.

Botox is a procedure carried out to restrict the muscle contraction in the face, in order to prevent the development of wrinkles, particularly between the eyebrows. It works by injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A, a protein contained in the drugs, into the muscles of the face. Although it is mostly used for the appearance of your face, Botox can also be used to treat conditions such as excess sweating, leaky bladders and migraines.

Botox procedures can go wrong in many different ways, and can cause a large range of different effects, all of which differ in severity. Botox has many associated risks and side effects, and it is vital that you are advised about these prior to undergoing your Botox surgery. Although some complications of Botox can’t be helped, a large number of them actually occur due to the negligence of the surgeon performing the Botox procedure.

Compensation guide

Up To
  • Head/Neck
    One Foot
    Both Feet

  • £42,000

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Indications of a negligent Botox procedure include:
  • Paralysis of your facial and body muscles
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Blurred or impaired vision
  • Difficulty with breathing
  • Difficulty with eating
  • Allergic reactions
  • Inability to talk properly
  • Headaches
  • A disappointing result
  • Emotional distress and unhappiness
  • As a beauty technician, it is amongst your duty of care to ensure that the treatment you are performing is practiced to the best of your ability, following all health and safety regulations, and following the correct method of treatment. It is significant that you take into consideration all medical conditions your client has, as to prevent any injuries and/or infections occurring as a result of your negligence.

As with all cosmetic and beauty compensation claims, you must be able to prove that your injuries/problems have occurred as a result of your beautician’s negligence and there must be sufficient evidence of this. If you have obtained some form of injury, it is significant that you seek medical attention straight away, not just for the benefit of your health, but for the benefit of your case, too. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your case, and all factors, such as; extent of your injuries, pain and suffering, time off work, loss of earnings, further treatment, and medical attention, will all be taken into consideration when deciding upon the compensation sum you receive.