Laceration Injury Claims

Have you suffered a laceration injury as a result of someone else’s negligence? Then you may be entitled to claim compensation from Claims National.

A laceration is an injury that results in an irregular break in the skin, more commonly referred to as a cut but defined as a torn and ragged wound. There are five types of laceration wounds; a split laceration, an over-stretching laceration, a grinding compression laceration, a cut laceration and a tearing laceration.

Lacerations are caused when an object strikes the skin and causes a wound to open. Depending on a variety of characteristics (angle, force, depth, object), some lacerations can be more serious than others, reaching as far as deep tissue and leading to serious bleeding.

Claims National specialise in providing legal help and support for your Laceration Injury Claim. We will help you make the right decision and secure the compensation you deserve. Your case will be dealt with in strictly professional and confidential manor.

Once we have accepted your claim, you can rest assured that win, lose or draw you will not pay a penny for our legal fees. Furthermore, we will take your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and you will receive the full compensation.

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