Head Injury Compensation Claims

Have you attained a Head Injury because of someone else’s negligence? Then you may be entitled to a Head Injury Compensation Claim.

Road Traffic Accidents are the most common cause of head injuries in the UK although Slip, Trips and Falls also account for many of these injuries each year. Approximately, one million people every year in the UK require emergency medical care after sustaining a head injury. Heavy impact accidents for example car and bus can result in fractures and lacerations to the head or in more severe cases damage to the brain.

It can often take days or weeks for symptoms of brain damage or head injuries to emerge, so if you have sustained an injury to the head and suffer with headaches, vomiting, blurred vision, drowsiness and confusion, you should seek medical attention.

Claims National specialise in Head Injury Compensation Claims and delivering the solution tailored to your individual requirements. We deal with cases in a strictly professional and confidential manor with no attached legal fees. Furthermore, we will take your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and you will receive 100% compensation.

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William Jones, 54,

work injury claim received £5,000

6 months off work due to an accident that wasn’t my fault. One call to Claims National made everything better. They took control and won me the compensation I deserved.

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