Back Injury Compensation Claim

Claims National can provide you with the resources to successfully deliver your compensation package. The muscles and bones in the back can be easily damaged in an accident which has involved a fall or sudden violent movement. A back injury can be extremely debilitating, often limiting movement and affecting the victim’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Some injuries can result … Read More

Arm Injury Compensation Claim

  Claims National is here to help you attain the Arm Injury Compensation you deserve. Arm injuries can be very diverse and will range from mild soft tissue injuries such as bruises or sprains to much more serious injuries involving multiple fractures. Arm injuries can also sustain “crush” injuries caused by objects falling onto an arm, or an arm becoming … Read More

Abrasion Injury Compensation Claim

Claims National can help you with your Abrasion Injury Compensation Claim. An abrasion is a type of injury that is caused by superficial damage to the skin that penetrates no deeper than the epidermis layer. It is less severe than a Laceration injury, and any bleeding is minimal, and is sometimes not present. Mild abrasions are grazes and scrapes which do … Read More