Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Claims National is a personal injury specialist who can offer you free help and advice in relation to making a claim for compensation for yourpersonal injury. A huge number of innocent people are left hurt and injured every year, because somebody else has put their welfare in jeopardy. Most accidents are a result of someone’s negligence. Those responsible for the … Read More

Internal Injury Claims

Internal injuries can include organ damage which can be caused by penetrating injuries such as stab and gunshot wounds or from serious Road Traffic Accidents. Other injuries include; Chest Injuries, lung disease, asthma, asbestosis, damage to reproductive organs, damage to the digestive system, kidney injuries, bowel injuries, damage to the bladder, spleen injuries and hernias. Claims National can help you … Read More

Head Injury Compensation Claims

Road Traffic Accidents are the most common cause of head injuries in the UK although Slip, Trips and Falls also account for many of these injuries each year. Approximately, one million people every year in the UK require emergency medical care after sustaining a head injury. Heavy impact accidents for example car and bus can result in fractures and lacerations … Read More

Hand Injury Claims

Hand injuries make up almost 10% of all visits to accident and emergency departments in England  and Wales. The hand is one of the most complex parts of the body and one of the most likely to be injured. A network of muscles, nerves, ligaments and bones are responsible for the movement and sensitivity of the hands. A serious hand … Read More

Fracture Compensation Claim

A fracture is the medical term for a broken bone, often caused by a strong force, impact, pressure or stress. You may have suffered your fracture as a result of a car or work accident but, whatever the cause, it is usually a very painful and unpleasant experience. This is where Claims National aim to help you. We specialise in providing … Read More

Food Poisoning Compensation Claim

In most cases, the effects and symptoms of food poisoning are mild and brief. It is not uncommon to have a ‘stomach upset’, diarrhoea, and vomiting. However, thousands of people every year suffer with much more serious food poisoning, some of which can be fatal. The most common and most dangerous bacteria that cause food poisoning are Salmonella, E Coli … Read More

Facial Injury Claims

This is where Claims National can help you with your facial injury claim. Facial injuries can include fractures to facial bones (including a broken nose or jaw), bruising, lacerations and sometimes the loss or damage to teeth. It is not uncommon for serious fractures to the jaw or frontal bones to require surgery leaving long term symptoms. Often facial bone … Read More

Dislocation Compensation Claims

A dislocation is when one of two bones that meet at a joint is knocked out of place. This is usually caused by a blunt force or impact to a joint area. Dislocations can be confused with fractures due to the level of pain and similar symptoms. A bone that has been knocked out of its joint or socket can … Read More