Newborn Medical Negligence

New-born babies may suffer injury whilst they adapt to life outside the womb. Claims for New-born medical negligence may arise out of: In order to make a claim for compensation for your new-born medical negligence, it must be confirmed that your healthcare provider is responsible for yours or your baby’s birth injuries. There are various ways in which can make … Read More

Brain and Head Injuries

Some of the most devastating medical negligence cases are to do with head and brain injuries. Failure of A&E to follow up any head injuries can cause brain damage or, in some unfortunate cases, death. Damage can be caused by delay in diagnoses and treatment or through sub-standard surgery. Concussions are the most common type of head injury following direct … Read More

Swine Flu Vaccination Compensation Claims

Have you developed narcolepsy due to a swine flu vaccination? We can help you with the help and advice you need in order to make a claim for compensation 6 Million people were vaccinated against swine flu in 2009-2010 and around 100 people have developed narcolepsy due to the Pandemrix vaccine used. The effects of narcolepsy can be long lasting … Read More

GP Medical Negligence

Most people’s first point of call when unwell is the GP. The GP’s service is invaluable, however, they don’t always get it right and their errors can lead to devastating results. A GP’s negligence can result from: Your GP’s profession includes identifying when you need to be referred to a specialist for treatment and to arrange assessment with appropriate urgency. … Read More

Cancer Care Medical Negligence

Medical negligence in cancer is usual failure or delay to diagnose. These can be in situations were there has been: With failure or delay to diagnose, we must prove that if you had been diagnosed at an earlier stage that it would have made a difference to treatment and/or outcome. Due to advances in science and technology, many cancers can … Read More

Birth Injuries

There are various ways in which you and your child could suffer an injury at childbirth. These can range from severe to minor and include: You are eligible to claim compensation for a birth injury if it can be shown that the standard of medical care fell below an acceptable level and that this directly caused your birth injury. We … Read More

A&E Medical Negligence

A&E medicine can include a wide spectrum of diagnosis and treatment. The most common potential medical negligence within an A&E involves missed fractures, missed severed nerves or tendons. Failures to diagnose more serious conditions such as Heart attacks can lead to a patient after attend A&E with chest pains, being sent home undiagnosed and shortly after dying. Failure to diagnose … Read More

Medical Negligence Compensation Claim

Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Medical negligence or clinical negligence is when a health professional provides below-standard care leading to physical injury or the exacerbation of a mental illness. Most of the time you will receive excellent care while being treated for your medical condition. However, there are occasions in which clinical accidents do occur, both in the NHS and in … Read More